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Increase The Breast Size :Creams vs. Surgery

Using plastic surgery for breast enlargment involve the use of silicon that attempt to reproduce the look of a natural breast. Yet many women prefer to avoid breast surgery for an alternative method that is safer and more afordable .

Stitches (awwww)
Plastic surgery will leave a patient with stitches that are typically not extracted for 7 to 10 days, which can cause discomfort and scarring. In many cases, a woman will have redness for several months, as well as a scar that will lasr a lifetime. Creams offer women a more natural approach to increasing cup size and do not require incisions and stitches.

Expenses ($$$$)
Health insurance companies do not cover elective cosmetic surgery  which can run inthe thousands of dollars.These costs require a patient to save the money ,borrow the funds or take  out a loan. Creams are reasonably priced and can provide effective results.

Long term effects
Many women end up having reduced breast sensation,shifting of the implant,an interference with breast cancer detection and potential problems with breast feeding.These type of situations are commonly unknown,so surgery patients do not plan for them accordingly. Nearly 60% of women that have undergone breast surgery end up having some type of complication.Creams allow a woman to lead a normal life without any major complications or surprises.

Creams are all natural means to breast enlargement. A woman can have rounder,younger and larger breast in a short period of time. They are risk free ,safe and effective because they allow for quick absorption with no bad reactions.

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